logo 60 лет на страже здоровья детей
State budgetary institution 
of health care of the Astrakhan region
“Regional children’s clinical hospital
 named after N. N. Silishcheva”

Clinical diagnostic center

Hatanberdieva Adelya Abdulkhakovna

Head of Clinical Diagnostic Center


The center was created to provide specialized consultative and diagnostic assistance to children in an outpatient setting using modern technologies for diagnostic studies. Computed tomography, all types of radiation, functional, laboratory diagnostics are only a small part of the offered diagnostic services.

Young patients will be able to undergo an examination in order to clarify the diagnosis or stage of the disease, determine further treatment tactics and monitor ongoing treatment measures, as well as as part of preventive (dispensary) examinations.

The convenient location in the same building with an advisory clinic in the city center, at the junction of many routes, near bus and train stations is convenient for both rural and urban residents, and also makes it accessible to guests in the region.

High professionalism, extensive clinical experience of CSTO specialists, high-tech equipment will help to identify the disease at the earliest stages and make an accurate diagnosis even with complex pathology. Early, timely diagnosis will significantly reduce the treatment time and will eliminate the transition of the disease into a chronic form. 

Patients will be admitted if there is a referral from doctors of specialists of the consultative clinic or by appointment in the ProMed Regional Information Automated Medical System, as well as when citizens independently apply for diagnostic services in accordance with the work schedule of the Center’s specialists.

Contact phone of the Center: (8512) 61-03-20