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May 25 – World Thyroid Day

The thyroid gland, also called the "thyroid gland", secretes two main hormones: thyroxine and triiodothyronine, for the synthesis of which the chemical element iodine is needed. Thyroid hormones control the work of the central nervous system, heart, muscles, internal organs, skin and hair condition.

The causes of thyroid hormone production disorders are the following risk factors:

• living in a region with a low iodine content in groundwater;

• stress;

• abuse of tan;

• lack of seafood, greens, vegetables and fruits in the daily diet.

According to WHO, about 75% of the Russian population lives in areas with iodine deficiency. And Astrakhan, unfortunately, is on this list. In children and adolescents, iodine deficiency is expressed by general weakness, rapid mental and physical fatigue, decreased memory acuity, weight gain.

What to do?! How to keep a clear mind and excellent physical shape?

The rules are simple: a healthy lifestyle plus the use of iodized foods. In nature, iodine is found in seafood and in iodized salt. For Astrakhan residents, the easiest way is to salt their food with iodized salt. It is podsalivat! When cooking dishes on the stove, iodine is split. How much to salt? Here, too, you need to know the measure.

The daily daily need for iodine on average 150 mcg is slightly less than half a teaspoon of iodine—enriched salt. Iodine is also found in nuts, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, lean meat and eggs.

Proper nutrition, giving up bad habits, moderate physical activity and staying outdoors will help to keep your health in order for many years to come.