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Galina Danilova: "My work is my first home!"

For fifty-nine years, Galina Sergeevna has been working in the Regional Children's Clinical Hospital named after N.N. Silishcheva, of whom 33 she worked as chief nurse. Her heart and soul has long been given to children and a native institution.

She is one of those people who stood at the origins of the regional children's hospital. Before the eyes of this fragile and intelligent woman, one can tell the story of children's specialized medical care in the Astrakhan region.

Galina Sergeevna was born and raised in Astrakhan. Since childhood, she dreamed of being a teacher. But the authoritative opinion of the mother, who wanted her daughter to become a medical professional, played a role. Then she could not think that medicine would become the meaning of her whole life.

Immediately after completing ten classes, young Galya entered the Astrakhan Medical School. And two years later, she came to work at the Regional Children's Hospital, which was just preparing for opening.


“I remember well the days when starch napkins were stitched, bedside tables were arranged and the first patients were met,” says Galina Sergeevna. “Then we did not reckon with anything, therefore, we mastered the work both in the clinic and in the hospital, we can say they were universals in their field.”


Indeed, in 1960, Galina Sergeevna began her career as a nurse at the ENT department, and after working needs she spent one year working as a ward nurse in the surgical department.

It was impossible not to notice a young, purposeful, tactful and wholeheartedly loving her profession nurse. Therefore, in 1972, by the order of the head physician, Galina Sergeevna was appointed to the post of chief nurse of the Regional Children's Hospital.

“It was a time of great and painstaking work, all together we were preparing for the opening of a new building for the children's hospital, which is now located on Medikov Street. My task was to correctly organize the nursing work of all departments, to create a comfortable environment and a welcoming atmosphere for the work of the staff and the stay of patients, ”notes Galina Sergeyevna Danilova.

In her 79 years, Galina Sergeevna, with the same gleam in her eyes, with particular inspiration, talks about the Regional Children's Hospital and thanks her family for understanding and the opportunity to devote herself to work without a trace.

Together with her husband Anatoly Aleksandrovich, they lived soul to soul for 58 years.

“I’m very lucky in life! My husband respected my profession with great respect, supported me, so I could not only stay at work, but if circumstances required, then stay until midnight, if only there was always everything in the institution to provide medical care to children, ” notes Galina Sergeevna.

She is still in the ranks of medical workers. With great desire and love, he hurries in the early morning to work in the operations department of the Regional Children's Clinical Hospital named after N.N. Silischeva. Hundreds of young specialists passed through her hands, for whom she was and remains a mentor, as well as an example of a worthy medical worker. Therefore, today Galina Sergeevna enjoys well-deserved respect among her colleagues.

In 2011, Danilov's chief nurse was awarded the honorary title “Honored Health Worker of the Russian Federation”. For many years of conscientious work and invaluable contribution to the development of healthcare in the Astrakhan Region, Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev personally handed the award to Galina Sergeyevna in the Kremlin and congratulated him on the honorary title.

For her, the biggest reward is the opportunity, presented by fate, to work in the Regional Children's Clinical Hospital named after N.N. Silishcheva, because these are years of active, interesting and fruitful work for the benefit of the health of young patients.

Today, Galina Sergeevna, in addition to her main work, conducts active social activities. In the near future at the Regional Children's Clinical Hospital named after N.N. Silischeva will create her own Council of Veterans. Therefore, Galina Sergeyevna, together with the senior medical nurses of the departments, is working on the formation of lists of veterans.

“We consider it our duty to create our own Veterans Council at the Regional Children's Clinical Hospital,” said Igor Livinson, head physician. - Veterans of the CSTO them. N. N. Silishcheva should not be deprived of attention, and our task today is to give them a piece of our warmth and care. We will be grateful to Galina Sergeyevna Danilova if she becomes the chairman of the Council of Veterans of the Regional Children's Clinical Hospital. ”